Modell 310

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model 310

  • professional model
  • till subcontra-A
  • compact version
  • 12 rollers: C and Eb (wing joint); Eb and C# (little finger left hand); F, F# and Ab (little finger right hand); C and D (left thumb); Bb, F# and Ab (right thumb)
  • double Eb-key for right index finger
  • E/F#-trill key (wing joint)
  • 3rd octave valve for better response in high register
  • self-drainage of tuning slide
  • well seasoned and long time stocked flamed Bosnian Maple wood
  • lacquered body
  • high brilliant silver plated mechanics and bell
  • 3-D hand rest 
  • 1 bocal "Heckel" CCV Nr. 1
  • rollable AluFlight-case and accessories
  • option: double Bb-key (right hand)
  • option: rollers on 1.Oct./C# (left thumb)
  • option: rollers on E-key (2 pcs.)
  • option: a'' improvement

47.200 €

net 39.664 €