model 150 AM

  • easy response till high register
  • semi automatic, till low-Bb
  • covered finger holes, brilliant silver plated mechanics
  • gold plated rings and posts
  • reed receiver of gold plated Sterling silver
  • gold plated octave valves
  • double octave key, 3rd octave key
  • Ab/Bb-trill key; D#/E-trill key
  • C/C#- and C/D-trill key
  • G#/F#- and B/C#-connection
  • "Philadelphia"-mechanism
  • forken-F mechanism, 2nd C-key
  • auxiliary F- and Eb-keys (expaned Eb key)
  • rollers on C/C#/Eb
  • extra inserts of Grenadilla in tone holes of C/D- and C/C#-trills as well as 3rd octave hole and G#
  • double resonance key on bell
  • patented leather case with plush lined leather cover
  • also available in full automatic version (model 151 AM)
  • Option: F-reonance key

10.250 €

net 8.613 €